Lesson & Training Rates

  • Private 1 hour lesson: $65 (lesson on one of Hilltop Haven's school masters + $25)
  • Training ride for horse: $65
  • Customized training packages available to suit your needs

About Hilltop Haven's School Masters

Nikki and Bacardi are well schooled, experienced and available for lessons. 

Partial leases of school masters are available to regular students.

Nikki is a lovely Freisian mare who loves her job. Nikki has a very generous and sweet personality: is well versed in all lateral work at walk and trot, knows all in hand work in the snaffle bridle with a lovely feel in the hand. She has three lovely gaits and is an excellent seat lesson master!

Bacardi is a Trakehner/ Arabian cross who loves to work.  Bacardi has excellent lungeing skills, knows all in hand work in both the snaffle and double bridle. Is well versed in lateral work and gives an exceptional feel in the hand. Bacardi is a worker bee! Photo © Linda Kaye Hollingsworth-Jones

Working Student Opportunity

Jane also offers a full-time apprenticeship program, for the dedicated student looking to immerse themselves in French classical dressage. This is the perfect opportunity to dial up your advancement as a rider, or to develop the foundation of a career with horses. Please contact Jane with your interest and any questions!