My training and lesson program is newly based out of Traumhof Farm in Carnation, WA. Traumhof is noted for providing meticulous care as well as for their excellent arena footing. All of us have been made to feel very welcome as we transition to our new home. Please feel free to come by and say 'Hi' and take a tour. We welcome new clients as well as those who would just like to get to know us. Haul-ins are welcome. Stabling is available and stalls range in size from 12' x 12' to 12' x 16'. Private lockers, spacious grooming and wash stalls as well as lounge and kitchen for boarders. Facilities at Traumhof offer plenty of space for everyone, horses and humans to relax and enjoy their time together!

With dressage we seek to preserve the horse's natural way of going and to preserve his generous nature. Teaching and lessons are based in traditional dressage methods. I have been a student in Master Philippe Karl's Ecole de Lègéretè (School of Lègéretè) since spring of 2011 and have completed his Basic Instructor's training. Currently I am taking advanced courses and completing my exam requirements towards certification in the school.  For more about L'Ecole de Lègéretè go HERE.

As an instructor of nearly thirty years I draw on my experience with traditional dressage training, natural horsemanship and the study of equine biomechanics.

Training and lesson programs are individually designed to meet the needs of each horse and rider combination. Specific issues for each horse are addressed using a combination of exercises to alleviate imbalances, crookedness (sidedness) and asymmetries to achieve flexibility, balance, true  straightness, relaxation and responsiveness. I happily work with all types of horses and riders at all levels of ability.  Skills for both horse and rider are taught progressively in a logical fashion that builds a solid foundation for both.

Longeing, work in hand along with ridden work combine to make a complete program that develops the horse mentally and emotionally as well as physically resulting in relaxation and an improved understanding and relationship between horse and rider.