Jane is available to travel for 1-4 day clinics. Contact for scheduling and current rates.

Jane teaches a philosophy based on traditional classical dressage training methods which take into consideration how a horse is made in nature...both how a horse is made to move and how he naturally thinks and learns.

With dressage training we seek to preserve his natural way of going as well as his generous spirit.  Work sessions are organized to address the specific problems of each horse and rider combination using traditional exercises and gymnastics to help each horse to achieve greater flexibility (think supple), balance, straightness, responsiveness and relaxation in his work.


  • One hour private lesson for each rider each day  
  • Theory lectures, each day if possible
  • Homework for each rider at the end of sessions

A clinic must be educational, interesting and enjoyable for both horse and rider.  Work done in a relaxed and calm manner leads to positive learning and success for all.

Jane also offers work on the longe designed to improve the horse’s gaits and obedience.  Double longeing, long lining and jumping on the lunge is also offered.